Fast, Safe, Reliable, ZST Pluggable Connection Systems

Diagram Contact Security
  • Tension-spring at the wire connection is held securely by the positioned busbar
  • The stainless steel spring provides permanent contact force between the wire and the busbar
  • Clear separation of electrical and mechanical functions
Quick and Easy to Wire
  • Less time spent wiring thanks to the easy-to-operate tension-spring connection mechanism
  • Easy to operate, even under cramped working condiions, because of the TOP connection
Pluggable Cross-Connection Options
  • Available in 2 – 10 and 99 poles (for custom assemblies)
  • Simple to insert and thus quicker to install
  • Cross-connection can carry the full rated current and voltage of the corresponding terminal block
Housing Insulation Material
  • Polyamide PA6.6 UL 94, flammability class V0, self-extinguishing without burning drops
  • Free of hazardous materials such as halogen or phosphor
Pluggable Contact
  • Rated current 24A
  • Rated voltage 500V

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